About Us

Actimed Healthcare Technologies, Inc.

Is a corporation engaged in the importation and distribution of various equipment, devices and supplies used in the healthcare industry.

Our services include not only the sale of equipment but also the installation and after-sales maintenance and service. We at Actimed see ourselves as a crutial strategic partner linking local hospitals and clinics to the vast array of medical equipment available on the global market.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to become one of the largest suppliers of cost-effective medical equipment and supplies in the Philippines. We believe that healthcare providers should not be burdened with unreasonably high costs of medical equipment. In the process of supplying our clients with cost-effective products we allow them to pass their savings onto their clients resulting in a more accessible healthcare system for the Filipino people.


Actimed was founded in early 2011 by a group of professionals with the unified goal of making a positive impact on the local healthcare industry. Though we are new company our founders have more than 50 years combined experience in the field of healthcare. We pride ourselves on this experience which has helped us quickly gain the trust and cooperation of several top manufacturers and business partners. In our short time of operation we have managed to supply our products to many of the leading government and private hospitals in the Metro Manila and our list of clients continues to grow.


Our Strengths


Our management team has over 50 years of combined experience in the healthcare industry both as healthcare providers and as medical importers and distributors.


Our products have a high cost-effectiveness, one that combines quality with affordability so that our clients will always receive the best value for their purchases. In today’s challenging business environment cost-effective equipment can make a large impact on the finances of a healthcare business.


One of the most important concerns for a healthcare provider is the reliability of their equipment. All our products have been proven to be highly dependable in any working environment. In the case of any technical problems we have our well-trained biomedical engineer team to provide immediate assistance.